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Professional Money Management

Our prime activity is the management of receipts and payments on behalf of contracted corporate clients, usually based overseas.  These clients have identified the need to offer their own customers the security and professionalism of the UK banking system.

Baker & Siluad Managers Limited can be described as a mature, remodelled company. We are a young and growing team, having been formalised in mid 2014, but that is not when the business started.  We have taken over part of a professional accountancy practice that has been providing services to its clients since 1996.

Building Trust Together


As part of this new direction and growth, we closely observe the relevant compliances, as required by English law. Hence, we follow all the rules of company law, VAT law, Money Laundering rules and regulations and banking. Furthermore, we apply our accumulated knowledge and experience when managing our clients’ banking arrangements.

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The Verification Process

You Can Trust our Clients

Each of our clients has also had to prove to us that they, too, satisfy the Money Laundering rules and regulations. This means that they have provided a number of specific documents from different sources so that we can confirm their credibility. In addition, we personally interview the directors and owners of our client companies.

Why? Ultimately, it is your money, and our clients’ customer who is the catalyst for these International monetary movements. We may not know you, but we want you to appreciate that we have not entered into a contract with our client whom you believe is a scam company or one of those who takes your money for nefarious reasons.


Your money is in safe hands…


We will have previously established a unique account for our client, which remains under our exclusive control. In other words, our client has no direct access to this account. You, the customer, may want to pay off an amount you owe to our client. Consequently, an order is made for an International transfer from your bank to our bank.

When received, we will notify our client of the payment. Every good or service provided bears some costs. We have them, you have them and our clients have them as well. When your funds have been cleared by the bank and accepted under the money laundering rules and regulations, our client will send us written instruction as to the disposition of the accumulated funds in their account. Only upon clear and concise instruction will Baker and Siluad act.

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Our Clients

Coherent Global Reach

Our corporate clients are based around the Globe: Asia, Africa, South America, Middle and Mid-East, Europe and of course, UK